Your use of this site (including our other products and services) is subject to these Terms Of Service.

This document may be revised at any time. Attempts will be made to notify you of any changes, however, it is important that you periodically check this page.

1. General - The link exchange, LevelMe, is owned by the company, Widget Media. The website, (and its other domains) services primarily focused on the leveling of games. We cannot guarantee that our services will be uninterrupted or free from bugs/errors, however, we try our best to maintain a high standard of service, and fix issues as they arise. Your experience may change, as this exchange is constantly being updated and improved.

2. Breach of Agreement - Violation of these Terms of Service will result in a warning, or the termination of your account with us. Criminal acts may be met with legal counter-action. Hacking, or cheating will not be tolerated.

3. Registration - Upon accepting the terms of this agreement, you will be bound by it. After completing the registration process, your account will be created. An account consists of - among other things - a validated email address and several pieces of data required to track your progress, within the context of the exchange.

  • You MUST provide us with a REAL email address, which is in your legal possession.
  • You alone are responsible for the activity of your account, and the security of your computer. Do not give out your password(s) to anyone, unless you are prepared to accept the risks.
  • You acknowledge that LevelMe and its affiliates are NOT responsible for any damages incurred from the use of our services, misuse of your account by you, or another individual, etc.
  • If your account is terminated for any reason, you are forbidden from creating another account, and/or logging into the site without our EXPRESS PERMISSION. Doing otherwise will be regarded as unauthorized entry.

4. Charges & Fees - We reserve the right to charge fees for our services, or certain aspects of them. However, we are committed to keeping the exchange free to use and to prevent money from becoming a disruptive element to exchange. Currently, we offer only a small number of services which require fees, with the intent of funding the exchange. Example: Purchasing Credits.


Changes to charges and fees will be made displayed on It is your responsibility to read these messages. We do attempt to notify users, should this ever happen.

Third-party websites may charge additional fees. This is your responsibility. For instance, we are not accountable if you visit a banner advertisement and use third-party services.

5. Termination of Account - We reserve the right to terminate your account at any time, if you have breached an agreement or we consider you to be a threat to the proper functioning of our services.

If we believe your behaviour has been illegitimate, or in breach of this Terms of Service, we will NOT refund any purchases.

In the event of a change/amendment to the exchange, any resulting loss in status, or in-exchange advantage may go uncompensated. We reserve this right, but exercise it very rarely. We recognise the negative impact potential. At some point it may be required, so we cannot guarantee the perpetual safety of your statistics and assets.

  • You MUST NOT attempt to sell your account and/or its assets (including credits). Everything you accumulate is authorised for your ownership only and cannot be traded or sold.
  • You are permitted just ONE ACCOUNT.
  • You CANNOT use any form of automation, such as macros, scripts, proxy clickers, etc, with this site. Such abuse is treated very seriously, as it can degrade performance for other users.
  • Upon request, you must indemnify and hold LevelMe and its affiliates entirely irresponsible for any damages incurred as a result of involvement with this site.